5th Doctor Cosplay

The fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, the man who made a vegetable iconic, rocks a fairly simple costume, brandished with his signature  question marks and celery he’s the original ‘dashing doctor’ with his cricket whites and trainers paired with his light and airy coat the brainy specs first made their appearance on his face!

The fifth doctors costume is one of the hardest to do on a budget, because a lot of the components are not just off the peg items of clothing or you can’t get off the peg items that are suitable alternatives, there are many ways of attaining this cosplay, you can take the expensive route and just buy it off any of the major cosplay sites or you can make it, which is usually a hell of a lot cheaper. The costume will be broken down into individual pieces and the ways you can obtain each item will be run through!


The fifth doctor has a fairly simple yet annoyingly tricky replicate costume, that consists of A roller Panama hat with a red hat band, a beige frock coat with red trim, white shirt with trim, beige braces with red question mark detailing, beige with red/pink/orange striped trousers, a cricket jumper, and a pair of white trainers.


Taken by R. Ackers at the Doctor Who Experience (April 2017) 

Costume Breakdown 

5th Doctor Cosplay

The items are broke down in order of how easy it is to obtain the item starting out with the easiest!


The shoes, can be bought from almost any high street shoe shop, department store or even a clothes store, all you need is some white trainers. The actual ones Peter Davison wore in the 80’s were Marks and Spencer’s tennis shoes.

The cricket jumper is again easily sourced from almost any sports shop or online, just remember the trim on the jumper needs to be red (the exact patterns are shown below).

The Hat you can buy in lots of places really cheaply online or in store, usually they are found in discount or pound shops, which using a piece of red material (bought from where ever is cheapest, I got mine on amazon) as the hat band (the exact pattern is shown below) is done and dusted as simple as that!

The braces, now to find a pair of braces like the ones he wears for sale is near impossible, well unless you have between £25 and £50 to spend on braces, so here’s a cheap alternative… Go and buy yourself some cream or beige or white braces preferably the 1.5 – 2 inch wide ones, now depending on if you buy elasticated ones or not depends what you do here, if you buy non elasticated ones it’s simple, you grab yourself a red fabric marker and draw on the question marks, the pattern goes two pointing up then two upside down(see below). Now if you have elasticated ones you’re going to need some help here, you need to put them on and size them perfectly for you, and while wearing them have your helper draw on the question marks with red fabric marker.

The shirts are simple really, buy a plain white shirt and take some red fabric marker and ink on the question marks, then for the red/red trimming and the red/green trimming you can use fabric marker, paint or stitch on coloured fabrics, to colour the inside of the collar red, the underneath the collar and the inside of the button track, red or green depending which you go for and your done!

The trousers are one of the hard parts, now you can do one of three things, you can buy the terrible official 5th doctor costume for them trousers because the patter is perfect , you can look for alts, searching chef trousers usually yields some nice alternatives, OR, you and make them! To make them all, you’ll need is the pattern you want to replicate, fabric paints in those colours (maybe some fabric markers for finer details) some masking tape and a pair of base beige trousers, paint on the stripes and let them dry for 24 hours, iron over the paint to seal it and trousers are done!

Now for the coat… the trickiest part, again if you’re made of money… buy it, if not here’s a cheap way to make it, buy a white lab coat, preferably one with buttons and not poppers and cotton is better than synthetic in this case, first you will need to remove the breast pocket, now do this carefully so you can reuse it to make the pocket flaps (if not I’d go and buy some white pillow cases and use those) stitch them over the top of the side pockets so you have a flap that covers the opening.


Then using some brown/ beige dye, Rit Taupe is the colour I used, and dye the lab coat, which should give you a nice base beige colour. After it’s dried and you have washed any excess colour out a few times. Get to work on the red trim, there is three ways you could do this, stitching on some red ribbon, adding it on with red fabric paint or marker(not recommended), the trim needs to be about ½ inch wide following the pattern on the picture above.

Taken by R. Ackers (ca February 2015)

The 5th Doctor appeared in Dimensions in Time alongside his 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th selves, in which he appeared in the season 21 look, with a jumper that is almost the same but with a pattern but in colors ever so slightly lighter.

No 5th doctor cosplay is complete without a cricket ball and his ‘half moon’ brainy specs, you can pair it with a sonic screwdriver but he only wielded it for a few stories so its not necessary!

And dont forget the celery, not many men can wear a decorative vegetable!

Written By Rob Ackers

Cosplay and Props:From the Vault ©2019

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