6th Doctor Cosplay

The sixth doctor has a very unique style, to say the least, with the patchwork monstrosity that is the coat, or the bold and brash yellow pin-striped trousers, or the ridiculous waistcoats with silly coloured watch chains. It’s safe to say the 6th Doctors costume is utterly tasteless, which surprisingly was the point, then showrunner ‘John Nathan-Turner’ gave the brief for the 6th doctor’s threads as ‘utterly tasteless’. Colin Baker the doctor himself hated his costume with a passion, he’s often stated that there were some small mercies of him wearing it, that he didn’t have to see it.

Colin Bakers run as the doctor was cut terminally short after both his Doctor and the show was put on trial with season 23 which brought a few little but still tasteless costume changes. The 90’s gave us Big Finish and the webcast ‘Real Time’ which brought us a more neutral blue version of the costume, Big Finishes version was the same pattern as the original just in various blue tone, whereas the Real Time version gave us a more solid blue costume as it was just a simple webcast on the early 2000’s internet standard.

In 1989 Colin Baker joined the cast of Doctor Who: The Ultimate Adventure, the musical doctor who stage play. In this show a more somber version of the traditional 6th doctor coat was used, resembling more of a purple colour than a traditional red. This costume is altogether more complex as there are very very limited images of this costume. 

Below is a complete breakdown of the 6th doctor's costumes. 

Taken by R. Ackers at the Doctor Who Experience (April 2017) 

Costume Breakdown 

6th Doctor Cosplay

Throughout his tenure there were many items that were a staple of the 6th Doctors costumes, simplest of which is his shirt, it’s a simple white shirt with the classic 80’s who question marks on the collar and red and white check pattern down the face of the button strip and the cuffs (a guide on how to make this is found on The Vault Forum).

Next up we have the trousers, these are just a yellow high waist trouser with black pinstriping, the 6th doctor's shoes are quite unique, a pair of green ankle boots, covered in orange Ankle spats.

The coat is also the same all the way through, its mainly made up of a red and black tartan, but also features red, green, pink, yellow and burgundy panels, spread across the coat, there is also a rather large blue-yellow-purple tweed blend material on one panel, which is the hardest to replicate. Rob Ackers developed a patter for the coat which can be seen below, along with a complete guide on how to make your own coat which can be found in The Vault Forum.

The waistcoats are where the costume really really shakes up, wearing a startling 4 custom made tasteless waistcoats across his 2 seasons, the regular waistcoat is worn throughout season 21 and 22 is a weird brown and purple pattern. Season 22 also saw a onetime only Hawaiian Shirt inspired waistcoat it was based on an orange pattern Hawaiian pattern. Season 23 saw the debuted of a brand new regular waistcoat worn in every story throughout the Trial of a Timelord season into season 24’s Time and the Rani, and this was a red and white tartan pattern. Season 23 also saw another new one off waistcoat worn only in Terror of the Vervoids and this was a light coloured blue, pink, purple and white diagonally striped pattern. 

These waistcoats were all teamed with a cravat, the full pairings of cravats and waistcoats are found in the breakdowns above. The cravat worn in season 21 and 22 was a teal green and white polka dotted cravat, then in season 23, this was used less regularly in favor of an identical cravat just in red. Then again in Terror of the Vervoids, we see a one-off cravat in yellow, with pink, purple, black, blue and green irregular stars, which was made from fabric supplied by Yves Saint Lauren. Over the course of the show, the 6th doctor wore a variety of different cat badges on his pink lapel. As well as the cravats changing so does the chain the doctor has attached to his pocket watch and tardis key.

In 1993 we saw the 6th doctor return to our screens a final time and in this story, the 6th doctor sported the classic costume with the red tartan waistcoat, red cravat, and pink chain.

So in the ‘Animated’ webcast of Real Time, it was very difficult to animate the many-coloured coat, so they took it down a notch, with an all blue look, the costume its self is identical just everything is the same shade of blue, and the question marks were dropped. The only exception to that is the shoes, those were a flat black.

The 90’s brought us Big Finish, which brought us a new variant, its closest likeness is the Terror of the Vervoids costume, Big Finish artists manipulated images from Terror of the Vervoids, to give everything a blue shade, so instead of a flat blue, there are many shades of blue, with a cravat resembling the red and teal ones but in a blue shade. The best reference images for this is actually the action figure from the 13 doctor’s box set.

Then we have The Ultimate Adventure, which is entirely more complex than the others on the reason of not having very many pictures at all, let alone high-quality pictures!

Written By Rob Ackers

Cosplay and Props:From the Vault ©2019

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