7th Doctor Cosplay

The seventh doctor much like his fellow 1980’s doctors has a quite unique style brandished in crimson question marks, never going anywhere without his trusty umbrella or his Panama hat. The seventh doctor Sylvester McCoy was on the show a very brief period of 3 years with short return in the 1996 TV Movie, the seventh doctor has very few variants as his costume has broadly been unchanged throughout his tenure.In the series throughout all of his stories his costume is almost identical just with a change in jacket and some subtle colour changes. Then in 1996 the TV Movie saw a drastic change in costume taking away the question marks and giving the 7th doctor a more pristine, prim and proper, stark look.replicating this costume is more difficult than you’d think.

Below we have a complete break down of all the 7th doctor's costumes in his various appearances.

Taken by R. Ackers at the Doctor Who Experience (April 2017) 

Costume Breakdown

7th Doctor Cosplay

His shoes are the only thing that has remained constant all the way through the series up to his last appearance in the TV movie, he wore a pair of Brown brogue shoes with white detailing.


The famous question mark vest pullover a canary yellow jumper vest with teal trim and red question marks, now for this its recommended  just buying the lovarzi one as there is really no other alternative, unless you can knit which. This was atop of a crisp white shirt with the top button undone.

His trousers are the same all the way through the TV series, they are a tan brown and black tartan pattern worn with a pair of red braces, under the jumper in every episode except Time and the Rani in which they are above the jumper.

The scarf he wears in the series is the same throughout, its a green and red paisley short silk scarf in every story again with the exception of Time and the Rani in which it was a fleece red tartan scarf, the scarf was finally ditched in the TV movie.

The umbrella we all know and love has been in less episodes than we think, it made its debut in Delta and the Bannermen, and survived all the way up to Survival and into cancellation and no umbrella was featured in the TV Movie, but before the famous question mark the 7th doctor wielded a purple handled rainbow brolly in Time and the Rani and then a bamboo handled brolly in Paradise Towers.

The Hat itself is the same (multiple versions of the same hat were used) all the way through from Time and the Rani to the TV movie but the hat band and in the series the handkerchief in his pocket change, in seasons 24 and 25 its a red paisley handkerchief which has been tied to the hat and stuffed in his right hand jacket pocket, and in season 26 an identical handkerchief just in brown over red replaced the hatband and the one in his pocket. Along with this change so does the tie, in season 24 and 25 he wears a red paisley necktie and in season 26 he wears a blue paisley necktie on top of a crisp white shirt. 

In the series he wears a Safari blazer, in seasons 24 and 25 he has a grey/cream safari blazer and then in season 26 this changes to a dark brown jacket of the same cut. It’s identical in every way except the colour.

The 7th doctor appears alongside his fellow doctor for his penultimate appearance as the current doctor in the 1993 30th anniversary special, he was wearing very much his standard season 26 costume, except rather than the regular paisley scarf, a gold silk scarf with red tassles was worn.

On a side note, the umbrella used In this isn’t the umbrella used in the series it’s a replica used on the show Search Out Science, where he starred along side Sophie Aldred and John Lesson 

There have been a few times where the traditional 7 costume has been worn with slight variations, the first being Dimensions in Time, where the original season 26 costume except now with a gold paisley scarf and a black paisley necktie. The 2003 40th anniversary photo shoot  used the traditional season 24 and 25 costume with the black paisley necktie.

On to the TV Movie, When they TV Movie began production the BBC initially didn’t want Sylvester in the movie at all but the producer was adamant, so the BBC caved and they told him that he has to have a different costume and was not to speak… The redesigned costume isn’t a million miles away from the traditional costume, the safari jacket was ditched

in favour of a light brown tweed blazer, the infamous pullover was ditched in favour of a Burgundy/Red waistcoat atop of a crisp white shirt and a dark brown patterned tie. The tan tartan trousers were swapped out for a much darker black and blue tartan. The costume wasn’t supposed to have a hat at all but Sylvester brought the original hat from the series featuring the Season 26 brown hatband, he also brought along the umbrella too but the BBC didn’t want that on screen.


Fun fact, the hat used in the series in season 24 was actually Sylvesters own hat he wore to the audition!

Written By Rob Ackers

Cosplay and Props:From the Vault ©2019

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