Clara Oswald

Next up is Clara Oswald! She’s been a companion to two doctors - Eleven and Twelve - and she’s well recognised within the Whoniverse as the ‘Impossible Girl.’ Not only is Clara a brave and emotionally charged companion who stays loyal to the Doctor (even though she becomes more of a ‘part-time’ companion to Twelve at one point), but she has such a cool sense of style. In the show, she has some of the CUTEST outfits! I’ve whittled it down to two of my favourites -  ‘Flatline’ and ‘Face the Raven’

Face The Raven, Hell Bent & Twice Upon a Time

This outfit was used in series 9, where the series arc is 'The Hybrid' and this outfit was no different, the jumper the costume department went with for the outfit Clara was to depart in was actually named 'Grey Hybrid'.


-          Grey-Blue jumper
-          White collared shirt
-          Black jeans
-          Black trainers



-          Green jacket
-          Red Checked shirt
-          Black jeans
-          Black trainers

-          Black Leather Bag

-          Mini TARDIS

-          11th/12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Written By Laura Jayne Hunt

Edited By Rob Ackers

Cosplay and Props:From the Vault ©2019

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