Dorothy 'Ace' McShane

Ace! One of the most recognisable classic companions who befriended the Seventh Doctor on the frosty planes of ice world in the story 'Dragon Fire'. Most of Aces costumes are easily reproducible from high street budget shores like Primark, the only real complex item is the jacket, but once you have that you can pull off almost any Ace cosplay.


Aces style is pretty wicked and here is a few of Aces cosplays that are really easy to put together!

A full break down of Aces iconic patched bomber jacket is coming soon!!

Season 26 Costumes

In Season 26 once again Aces outfits are the same throughout the season for the most part but they are a more sophisticated and more grown up than her previous outfits, which shows the character development. With the exception of The Curse of Fenric, ace adopts the more grown up style with a pair of black boots, teamed with a pair of black trousers, and a belt resembling a neck tie in a similar colour top and of course the classic Ace Bomber jacket! The differences here take the form of her tops;

In Battlefield she is sporting a Teal Green top underneath a Black Cardigan tucked into the trousers.

In Ghost Light is wearing an orange/salmon coloured off the shoulders top although she quickly changes out of this into period Victorian wear.

In Survival the top Ace wears is a hot pink top.


-          Black Bomber Jacket, covered in patches
-          Coloured Top (Described above, Pictured Below)
-          Black Trousers
-          Necktie Belt 

-          Black Boots

Ace in Battlefield

Ace in Ghost Light

Ace in Survival

Season 25 Costumes

The season 25 Ace outfits are essentially all the same, white t-shirt, black tights, black skirt, black boots, and that Famous Ace jacket, the Season 25 look is probably the look most synonymous with Ace. There are a few variations on this outfit mainly the T-shirt and the tights, the rest of the outfit is the same. The print on the t-shirt is the same in Happiness Patrol and The Greatest Show in the Galaxy but different in all other episodes. In Silver Nemesis and Happiness Patrol there is red cross pattern in a stripe down the side of her tights!


-          Black Bomber Jacket, covered in patches
-          White t-shirt (patterns shown Below)
-          Black tights (patterned in Silver Nemesis
-          Black Skirt

-          Black Boots

And if you are cosplaying Ace from Remembrance she carries a hefty black backpack.

Remembrance of the Daleks T-shirt Pattern

Silver Nemesis

T-shirt Pattern

Greatest Show in the Galaxy & Happiness Patrol T-Shirt Pattern


Ace made her debut in Season 24's Dragonfire, where she wore a classically well known and well wicked costume thats simple, its essentially her season 25 costume but with shorts instead of a skirt!
Lets take a look at what makes up the costume this bad-ass companion made her debut in!!

-          Bomber Jacket with patches
-          White T-shirt
-          Black shorts
-          Red tights
-          Black boots

The T-shirt in this story doesn't have any clear images to reproduce it with but it looks to be a tropical floral type scene 

Written By

Rob Ackers

Laura Jayne Hunt

Cosplay and Props:From the Vault ©2019

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